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“Every Man Shares in Evangelism, Mission, and Spiritual Life”

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Nothing from June 24, 2019 to June 30, 2019.

Our monthly UMM’s breakfast is a good time to join in fellowship with other men and have a warm breakfast to start the day. Some of us will be working on replacing a portion of the sidewalk in front of the church after breakfast. Bring your gloves and lend a hand! It’s fun when you’ve got brothers in Christ helping you!
If you would like to find out more about joining the United Methodist Men, please contact Jim Walker. 

UMM News from the Internet

“UM Men need to find a way to minister to the 80 million millennials.”
That’s what Don Davis, a former NFL football star now serving as a chaplain to the New England Patriots told 800 attendees at the National Gathering of United Methodist Men.
“In prescribing ways to minister to people born between 1982 and 2004, the former University of Kansas player, suggested men look at questions Saul asked after being blinded on the Road to Damascus: “Who are you, Lord? “What do you want me to do?”
Ananias, the man who accompanied blinded Saul, told him to 1) know the will of God; 2) see the righteous one, 3) hear his voice; and 4) become his witness.
“What are you waiting for?” Ananias asked Saul.
“What are you waiting for,” Davis asked United Methodist men. “We have to minister to 80 million millennials.”
He urged the men to pray for the millennials and win them to Christ with “contagious compassion.”
{Millennials: He is referring, above, to those born between 1982 and 2004)

The General Commission on United Methodist Men shall have primary oversight for the coordination and resourcing of men’s ministry within The United Methodist Church:
1. United Methodist Men exists to declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s life. Men’s ministry leads to the spiritual growth of men and effective discipleship. This purpose is served as men are called to model the servant leadership of Jesus Christ.
2. Individual and group strategies form the foundation of UMMen ministry:
a. Enhance Evangelism, Mission, and Spiritual Life (EMS), as men become servant leaders.
b. Advocate programs that train men within local churches to promote specific ministries including prayer, missions, stewardship, and civic/youth serving ministries.
c. Forge pastoral partnerships by men committed to the effective support and service of clergy and local congregations.
d. Enhance organizational strength by effective leadership, resources, membership growth, and financial accountability.
e. Assist men in their ever-changing relationships, roles and responsibilities in their family setting, workplace, and society.
f. Understand the organization, doctrines, and beliefs of The United Methodist Church.
g. Fulfill the membership vows through commitment to prayer, presence, gifts, and service in congregational life.
h. Fulfill the Great Commission with and through The United Methodist Church as one part of the Body of Christ.
3. To provide support services to promote the ministry and growth of United Methodist Men:
a. Provide specific and optional models for men in the local church, district, annual conference, and jurisdiction;
b. Maintain effective communications and cooperation with the National Association of Conference Presidents of United
Methodist Men and other national organizations representing the central conferences and other worldwide Methodist liaisons;
c. Promote the chartering and annual recertification of local church men’s units (¶256) with the General Commission on United Methodist Men.
4. To provide resources that assist men in their growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and his church.
a. Programs of Evangelism that are geared to men’s needs in cooperation with all areas of the Church dealing with the area of evangelism that model; to men that witness is an integral part of daily life in the workplace, the community, the parish, and the home;
b. Programs of Mission in cooperation with all areas of the Church dealing with missional opportunities enabling men for outreach and service as an integral part of their Christian discipleship;
c. Programs of Spiritual Life in cooperation with areas of faith development will assist men to realize that witness and outreach, with mission and ministry become extensions of their faith development and their personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ;
d. Programs of stewardship in cooperation with the area of stewardship that will lead men to an understanding of their
responsibility as stewards of God’s creation and personal stewardship, of time, talent, money, and prayer;
e. Programs that affirm the role of men in their family situations;
f. To advocate, research, and develop programs for The United Methodist Church to minister to and through men;
g. Program partnership with The Upper Room in the Living Prayer Center ministry including, support for toll-free telephone service and promotion. At all levels of the United Methodist Men’s network there shall be prayer advocates;
5. The General Commission will provide resources and support for the office of Civic Youth-Serving Agencies/Scouting Ministries;
a. To provide training of local church, district, annual conference, and jurisdictional Scouting coordinators;
b. To provide advocacy, cooperation, and relationship in partnership with the National (USA) Association of United Methodist Scouters, the General Board of Discipleship, the Council of Bishops, and the Civic Youth-Serving Agencies (Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the USA, Camp Fire USA, 4-H, and such appropriate organizations within the Central Conferences) for the promotion of youth-serving/scouting ministries within The United Methodist Church;
c. To coordinate, promote, and resource as needed annual conference Bishop’s Dinners for Scouting.
The book of Discipline, The United Methodist Church.